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skaters in duathlon race

2015 Speed Skate-Skate Ski Duathlon

The 8th Annual Duathlon will be on Sunday, Jan. 5th. There are many similarities between speedskating and skate skiing technique. Combining the two into a single event is a natural thing to do, and challenges both aerobic and muscular endurance, as well as technique. Come and try this fun event, which is also a fundraiser for ice maintenance of the speedskating oval at Cuddy Family Midtown Park.

Location: Cuddy Family Midtown Park: The skating will be done on the 400 m oval at the park, and a roughly 1 km skate ski track will also be laid out on the trail that winds around the park. The easiest parking is to turn onto 40th Street off of A or C. See the Long Track page for a map.

Date and Time: Sunday, January 4, 2015: Registration is $18 for adults, $10 for kids. Day-of-race Registration is $20 at the oval, starting at noon. Races start at 1 PM. Enter as many events as you want with one race fee. The race fees are a donation for ice maintenance at the oval. Your race fee buys an AnchorageSkates pin!

Cancellation: the race will be cancelled if the KTUU weather station temperature is below +5 degrees F at noon on Sunday.

Technique & Start Format: There will be categories for individual, relay, men, women, mixed, and kids. The skating will be first, skiing second. The clock will be running from the beginning of the skating until the end of the skiing. Any type of skates (speedskates, nordic skates, hockey skates, figure skates) or skis can be used. Nordic skaters have consistently placed highest. The order of the races will be: Women, Men, Kids, Relays. The Kids race will not be timed. Kids are age 13 and younger on December 31, 2013. Competitors may compete in the Women’s or Men’s and the Relays for one race fee. Racers should arrange themselves in the starting area so that faster racers are in front of less competitive racers. Please be considerate of your fellow competitors. It is helpful if you can bring with you one person who can count laps for you.

Course & Distance: Women will do 3 km of skating and 3 km of skiing, or 8 laps around the oval, and then 3 laps around the skate-ski track. Men will do 4 km of skating and 4 km of skiing, or 10 laps around the oval and 4 laps around the skate ski track. Men and Women relays will both do the 4km and 4 km distance. For the kids category the distances will be 3 laps around the oval (1.2 km) and one lap around the skate-ski track.

The start and finish will be on the east side of the oval. Spectators should be able to see the racers on the entire course.

Hosts: Alaska Speedskating Club (ASC), Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking (AMH), and Alaska Pacific University (APU).

Pre-Race Activities: Learn basic speedskating skills at any of the speedskating practices at the oval. Instruction is free. See the calendar for times.

Volunteers: Races such as this are not possible help from volunteers like you. All race officials and organizers are unpaid volunteers. Non-racers can help at timing, bib-pickup and feed stations for longer races. Please email Peter Haeussler if you can help out.

Questions? If you need more information or if you would like to volunteer to help, please contact race director Peter Haeussler (862-6586)

Results From 2013

The 2013 duathlon was the warmest ever (28 degrees) and was unusual in that ski trail had to be changed to inside the speedskating oval. The woman's winner was Lydia Blanchet - her second title, and the men's winner was Paul Butera. Father and son duo, Paul and Bob Butera won the men's relay and Trevor Harings and Lia Selmons won the mixed relay. For full results, click Here.

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